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Each MobilityTM program, library, and interface is documented in these web pages.  This index page has links to all the on-line documentation.  Because most of the other on-line documentation pages are automatically generated from the source code files (to keep them up-to-date), they do not have explicit links back to this master index page.  Use the "Back" button on your browser to return to this page.

This set of on-line documentation is configured for the provisional MobilityTM 1.1.8nb release.  Release 1.1.8nb has support for IR sensors but only on the Magellan Pro robot.  It also has support for the ATRV series of outdoor robots, Video for Linux devices, and bugs fixed in the SICK LMS and PLS laser range finder servers.  Release 1.1.8nb is only available configured for Red Hat Linux 6.0 and 6.1.  (Testing for Red Hat 6.2 is currently in progress.  Some installations work fine, others consistently fail.)  In all other significant respects, release 1.1.8nb is identical to, and interoperates with, releases 1.1.8mp and 1.1.7.

These Pages are Under Construction!

Most Frequently Used Links

Example Program from the MobilityTM User's Guide.
Advanced example program.
Run this module to prevent your robot from driving into things.
Start writing your first MobilityTM robot programs.
Learn about the MobilityTM objects and interfaces in depth.
Write your own MobilityTM objects.

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MobilityTM Server Documentation

Base Servers for Robots

Older models are also supported:

Servers for Optional Robot Accessories

Other MobilityTM Programs

Example Programs

 Simple Follow Client program; closed loop control using sonar sensors
 Simple Follow 2 Adds laser, tactile sensors to Simple Follow
 Serial Server Interface a serial device, make your components visible in MOM, much more
(see also the C++ Serial Port library, linked below)

MobilityTM CORBA Interfaces

All the CORBA interface documentation is reached by this single link.

MobilityTM C++ Libraries

Primary User Libraries

Serial Port Protocol Libraries

Other Libraries

MobilityTM Java Software